-- 2018 events


2018-09-22-Moonlight Cruze

2 images

Coming soon! More details here.

2018-05-28-Full Moon Cruise

145 images

2018-05-27-BSSCX Scavenger Hunt

198 images


66 images

2018-05-16-Hump Day Nooner

49 images

2018-05-12-Spokesman Pub Cruze

144 images

2018-05-09-Hump Day Nooner

57 images

2018-05-06-Circle C Cruise

38 images

2018-05-02-Hump Day Nooner

88 images

2018-04-30-Violet Crown Trail

91 images

2018-04-29-Full Moon Cruise

157 images


61 images

2018-04-29-Circle C Cruise

62 images


77 images


84 images

2018-04-18-Hump Day Nooner

98 images

2018-04-15-Circle C Cruise

32 images

2018-04-11-Hump Day Nooner

82 images

2018-04-08-Circle C Cruise

25 images

2018-04-07-Spokesman Pub Cruze-and-HONK

191 images

Also visited with the Caffeine Cruise for a bit.

2018-04-06-Stephenson Nature Preserve

102 images


112 images

2018-03-30-Full Moon Cruise

149 images

2018-03-21-Hump Day Nooner

47 images

2018-03-15-Thursday Night Social Ride

205 images

2018-03-14-Hump Day Nooner

189 images

2018-03-11-Circle C Cruise

24 images

2018-03-10-Treaty Oak Kite Festival

109 images

2018-03-07-Hump Day Nooner

66 images

2018-03-04-Zilker Kite Festival

203 images


101 images


181 images

2018-03-01-Full Moon Cruise

157 images

2018-02-28-Hump Day Nooner

84 images

2018-02-25-Circle C Cruise

55 images

2018-02-17-Frankenbike San Antonio

99 images

2018-02-14-Hump Day Nooner

60 images

2018-02-10-Caffeine Cruise

182 images

2018-02-04-Circle C Cruise

57 images

2018-01-30-Full Moon Cruise

84 images


88 images

2018-01-28-Circle C Cruise

40 images

2018-01-17-Hump Day Nooner

34 images

2018-01-14-Circle C Cruise

39 images

2018-01-07-Circle C Cruise

60 images

2018-01-03-Hump Day Nooner

36 images

2018-01-01-Minor Mishap New Years Day Parade

122 images

... plus a nice bike ride around town.

2018-01-01-Full Moon Cruise

66 images

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