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2023-04-29-Eeyores Birthday

258 images

2023-04-01-Kite Festival-Caffeine Cruise-Wet Hot American Bummer 3

442 images

2022-04-03-Sunday Cruise-Zilker Kite Festival-Honk!

383 images

2019-03-31-Zilker Kite Festival

256 images

Also, a few pictures from above


57 images


84 images

2018-04-07-Spokesman Pub Cruze-and-HONK

191 images

Also visited with the Caffeine Cruise for a bit.

2018-03-10-Treaty Oak Kite Festival

109 images

2018-03-04-Zilker Kite Festival

203 images

2017-08-13-Splash Mob

997 images

2017-04-22-March for Science

359 images


62 images

2017-03-18-2nd Annual Kitetail Fest

111 images

2017-03-12-Zilker Kite Festival

52 images

... cancelled.

2017-02-23-Queer Dance Freakout at The Governors Mansion

156 images

2017-02-11-Zilker Kites

142 images

2016-08-07-Splash Mob

106 images

2016-06-23-Stonewall Celebration

134 images

2016-03-06-Zilker Kite Festival

318 images

2015-09-13-Viva Streets Austin

83 images

2015-08-02-Splash Mob

419 images

2015-05-26-Storm Damage

84 images

2015-04-25-Eeyores Birthday

50 images

2015-03-01-Zilker Kite Festival

85 images

2014-10-26-Viva Streets Austin

236 images


81 images

2014-04-26-Eeyores Birthday

104 images

2014-03-09-Zilker Kite Festival

41 images

... cancelled.

2014-01-25-Gorilla Run

214 images

2013-07-06-Splash Mob

360 images

2013-05-19-Viva Streets

455 images

2013-05-01-Splashmob Birfday

187 images

2013-03-16-Decentralized Dance Party

156 images

2013-03-03-Zilker Kite Festival

354 images

2012-07-01-Splash Mob

154 images

2012-05-20-Viva Streets

341 images

2012-03-04-Zilker Kite Festival

346 images

More pictures from a different perspective
And here's some video.

2012-02-05-Caturday Night Fever

137 images

2011-06-29-Downtown Water Fight

94 images


48 images

2011-03-06-Zilker Kite Festival

252 images

2011-01-22-Gorilla Run

568 images


70 images

More pictures from Kenneth.

2010-04-24-Eeyores Birthday

171 images

2010-03-04-Cathedral of Junk

154 images

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