Austin's full moon rides fall into two categories : (Note that we changed the schedule for monthly rides in January 2024, going from "the night closest to the full moon" to "the weekend night closest to the full moon".)

Both rides meet at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge (right here, or possibly under the "circle" if it's raining), are unsupported and 'ride at your own risk'. We try not to drop slow riders, but it can happen, so being prepared is wise -- having lights, tools to change a flat, water, a cell phone, etc.

For more details about individual rides and to get reminders about upcoming rides, join the ATX (((MOON))) group on Facebook.

Pictures from past rides can be found here. (Remember, September rides are the annual ride, and the rest are the monthly rides.)

If you're in Houston, visit our brothers at HTX (((MOON))) !

Any questions? Join the Facebook group given above and ask, or you can email Doug at "dougmc+cycling[at]frenzied[dot]us" (obfuscated to slow the spammers.)

Austin, TX Full Moon Rides
Full Moon Ride Time Soon? Time of Full Moon Moon Names Likely
to be
Friday, 2024-06-21 11:30 PM CDT 3 weeks ago Friday, 2024-06-21 08:10 PM CDT Blue moon (4th full moon this season) hell yes!
Saturday, 2024-07-20 11:30 PM CDT 7 days Sunday, 2024-07-21 05:19 AM CDT Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Hay Moon yes!
Saturday, 2024-08-17 11:30 PM CDT 5 weeks Monday, 2024-08-19 01:28 PM CDT Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon yes!
Saturday, 2024-09-14 11:30 PM CDT
Sunday, 2024-09-15 02:00 AM CDT
* This is Saturday night at 2AM! *
9 weeks Tuesday, 2024-09-17 09:36 PM CDT 42nd Annual Moonlight Cruise! hell yes!
Friday, 2024-10-18 11:30 PM CDT 14 weeks Thursday, 2024-10-17 06:27 AM CDT Hunter's Moon, Harvest Moon, Blood Moon, Sanguine Moon yes!
Friday, 2024-11-15 11:30 PM CST 18 weeks Friday, 2024-11-15 03:29 PM CST Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon yes!
Saturday, 2024-12-14 11:30 PM CST 22 weeks Sunday, 2024-12-15 03:02 AM CST Cold Moon, Long Nights Moon yes!
Saturday, 2025-01-11 11:30 PM CST 26 weeks Monday, 2025-01-13 04:27 PM CST Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Moon after Yule, Snow Moon yes!
Friday, 2025-02-14 11:30 PM CST 31 weeks Wednesday, 2025-02-12 07:54 AM CST Snow Moon, Hunger Moon yes!
Friday, 2025-03-14 11:30 PM CDT 35 weeks Friday, 2025-03-14 01:55 AM CDT Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon, Lenten Moon yes!
Saturday, 2025-04-12 11:30 PM CDT 39 weeks Saturday, 2025-04-12 07:23 PM CDT Pink Moon, Sprouting Moose Moon, Egg Moon yes!
Saturday, 2025-05-10 11:30 PM CDT 43 weeks Monday, 2025-05-12 11:58 AM CDT Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon yes!
Friday, 2025-06-13 11:30 PM CDT 48 weeks Wednesday, 2025-06-11 02:46 AM CDT Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon yes!
Friday, 2025-07-11 11:30 PM CDT 52 weeks Thursday, 2025-07-10 03:38 PM CDT Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Hay Moon yes!
Friday, 2025-08-08 11:30 PM CDT 1.1 years Saturday, 2025-08-09 02:57 AM CDT Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon yes!

How are the full moon cruise dates/times calculated?

For the monthly rides, the start time is always at 11:30pm, on the night where the middle of the ride (2:00am is what we use) is closest to the time of the fullest moon. This gets us the fullest possible moon on our ride.

Starting in 2020, the formula is changed a little bit so that a full moon from Thursday 2:00AM to Saturday 2:00PM results in a Friday night ride, and a full moon that occurs from Saturday 2:00PM to Monday 2:00AM results in a Saturday night ride -- this increases the number of weekend rides by 50%.

For the annual full moon ride, the one in September, the start time is always 2:00am (wheels down between 2:10am and 2:30am) on the Saturday night/Sunday morning where 3:30am (again, the middle of the ride) is closest to the time of the fullest moon.