Some questions people have asked me about these pictures and my answers

Q: Why do you take so many pictures?
A: Why not? I'm already there, the camera will hold lots, and rechargable batteries are cheap. And besides, you never know what's going to be good later.

Q: But why do you keep so many?
A: I throw out the obviously bad or duplicate ones, but beyond that, you never know what people might want a picture of. And keeping them all isn't hard, so why not? And besides, having a lot of pictures helps tell the story of what happened, rather than just telling about what I thought was interesting.

Q: Why don't you use flickr or something similar?
A: I like my stuff -- it's simple, easy to work with, and doesn't shrink down the pictures smaller than I'd prefer. And album is simple yet rocks. Of course, the downside is that you can't add comments and do the other things that flickr or similar services let you do. I did once have a comment setup that linked to facebook, but it was almost never used and I disabled it.

Q: Why are things so slow?
A: It should be reasonably fast, but if you're downloading full sized picutures the download speed of those are throttled to prevent bots from bringing the site to its knees.

Q: Can I get larger versions of the pictures?
A: Sure. Click on the thumbnail for a 1024x768 (or so) version of the picture, and then click on that to get the original. The originals are typically 4-25 megapixels, depending on which camera was used.

If you want to download a few full pictures, no problem, just do it. If you want to download hundreds, let me know -- I can probably make them available more easily without sucking up all the bandwidth of the site.

Q: Can I use/link to/inline link/copy your pictures somewhere else?
A: For non-commercial use, yes. Just give me credit if appropriate -- you don't even need to ask, though if you're doing something neat by all means let me know. Don't link directly to the large versions of the pictures, they use too much bandwidth (seriously, it's about 15x as much!) But linking to the 1024x768 versions is fine, at least at the current levels of traffic ...

For commercial use (a few have asked) send me an email. But do keep in mind that I don't get model's releases for these pictures, and you may need these for any commercial uses. More on this here. But I often know who the people are (or could ask around) and they could be asked after the fact ...

If you want to print a picture, be sure to get the full sized version -- it'll come out better.

Q: I don't want my picture up on the Internet! (or I just don't want THIS picture of me on the Internet!)
A: Well, I don't want to put up any pictures of people who don't want their pictures up, so just ask and I'll generally remove it or blur it or something.

Feel free to email me, or if you see me taking the picture let me know then.

Q: How are you adding location data to your pictures?
A: Some cameras (like recent GoPros and phone cameras) add GPS location data automatically. For others, I make sure that the camera's clock is exactly right, and then I have written programs that use that time and my GPS tracks to determine exactly where the picture was taken and it adds that to the picture.

Q: This picture's location is wrong!
A: Tell me. If I make a mistake (like if I forget to adjust a camera's clock), I can get the locations wrong for an entire group of pictures and not realize it -- but if you let me know, I can usually fix it.
Some of my earliest pictures lack location data, but 99+% of my pictures have it and it correct to within 30 feet or so.

Q: How do you figure out the address for a given location?
A: I use Nominatim, part of OpenStreetMaps. Google Maps provides a similar service, but I like Nominatim better. It's not *always* right, but it almost always is or at least is close.